Words of warning: Outcast 1.1

Just by chance I noticed that a few minutes ago “Outcast 1.1” was released on Steam.

Outcast 1.1? rage?

Outcast 1.1 is a revised version of the original Outcast, one of the most underrated games, if not THE game underdog par excellence. The revision was done by the former developer himself, who is probably trying to raise money for the recently failed Outcast HD project on Kickstarter. Outcast 1.1 includes higher resolutions, partially better textures, various voxel filters and support for gamepads. I immediately added my name, although the developers have already promised that all owners of the GOG.com version should get Outcast 1.1 as a free update. Especially because 4.99 € are not really expensive…

That’s why I don’t sit in front of the keyboard snorting in rage, desperately trying to put my anger into halfway civilized words.

Wut? Wut? wut happened?

Well, this has happened …

not so good :/

The program crashes one startup after the other, no matter what tips the developers have given in the Steam forum. Because currently Outcast 1.1 is not a 1.1 version, but a Tech-Alpha with the version number 0.01. Freshly compiled and immediately set to Steam. At least that’s how the code works.

Currently the game has the following known bugs:

1. not compatible to Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 users have to use the compatibility mode, but this doesn’t help everyone.

The intro video is displayed over a cheaply knitted Windows Mediaplayer overlay. According to the advice of the developers you should deactivate the intro video, then the game should start better. Which doesn’t help everyone.

3 The game does not tolerate a fullscreen display for everyone. You should start the game in window mode. What (see above) DOES NOT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. who has managed to start the game successfully, comes across a corked control with mouse & keyboard. Some of it one can fix probably with eager new allocation, other must do the developer.

5. if you have arranged yourself with the control (or take a gamepad), you come across ingame bugs like not triggering script events, audio and video problems after cutscenes and other funny things.

No bug, but a typical sign of a purely CPU-based engine is the fact that only absolute high-end computers render the game fluently in 1080p at the moment. If there is no current supercomputer working in the case, the developers recommend 720p or even lower.

So … whoever is gripped by nostalgia should please wait a few weeks or months (?) until Outcast 1.1 actually deserves this version number. So that such scenes …


With a justament released update the game finally starts. On 1080p it all looks wonderful …

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