Marvel’s Spider-Man – Spider Action in New York City

Spider-Man is probably one of the most popular Marvel superheroes among young and old. Everyone knows him, whether from the movies or the comics. Of course, there are also a number of video games from the spider. Now Marvel and Insomniac Games have launched another action-packed Spider-Man game. We took a closer look at Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. You can find out what to expect in the game here in the review!

The nice spider from next door!

As already mentioned, we are in New York City, really gigantic city, where there are crimes on every corner. But no problem, because we have Peter Parker or rather Spider-Man. But he’s not the Spidey we know from comics and movies. No, he’s grown up and doesn’t go to school anymore. Peter now works as a helper in a science laboratory and in his spare time has been working as a Spider-Man for eight years. He tries to reconcile his private life and the fight against crime, but that’s not always easy.

So our task now is to free New York from the bad guys. Just arrived in the game, we have to put the first villain behind bars. Wilson Fisk alias Kingpin. But he is only one of many. In the course of the game we will meet some well-known Marvel villains. But if we would tell you more, we would spoil and of course we don’t want that. But what we can say is that in the main story we will play different characters to fight the criminals and put them behind bars.

Even a familiar face will accompany us in the game. Mary Jane Watson, who is now Peter’s ex-girlfriend. But she will still help us with words and deeds. Aunt May is also part of the party and takes good care of us. If you haven’t read a comic or watched a movie, this doesn’t matter at all. The story is free of the movies and comics and is therefore easy to understand even for newcomers.

Besides the usual tasks of a superhero, we can also do lots of other things. As in most games, Marvel’s Spider-Man also has a lot of side tasks, which are a lot of fun because they are very varied. There are also a lot of items in the game that we can collect, like old backpacks that Peter used to hide in New York or different brands.

Collecting fever

Especially the brands play an important role in the game. There are research brands, basic brands, backpack brands, crime brands, landmarks and challenge brands. These can be found or fought for at every corner of New York. Research Tokens are obtained by finding different research stations in the city.

Search for the hidden backpacks and you will get backpack tags. New York is full of famous locations, photographs them and collects landmarks. You can get basic tokens by securing the enemy bases. Solve your crime, there are crime stamps for it. If you successfully complete challenges, there are challenge tokens.

Pimp my Spiderman suit

You’re wondering why you need all these stamps?

So you can pimp your suit. Because what would Spidey be without a matching suit? During the game you can unlock a variety of different suits with the tokens. Each suit has a special ability that helps the player in combat, such as the Net Blossom or the Defense Shield.

With the Net Blossom, Peter can spin everything into his field of vision, and the Defense Shield creates an energy shield that temporarily absorbs all damage. However, we can also give our suits mods, which, in addition to the special abilities of the suits, give you other advantages in combat. You can also unlock mods such as gel pads or pressure wave plates through the collected tokens. This allows you to reduce melee damage or explosion and missile damage.

In addition to the mods for your suit, you can also unlock auxiliary equipment using the tokens in the menu. These can be a great help in combat, as they can easily be selected using a speed dial. For example, you can create stumbling blocks, net bombs, or electrical nets. Some devices are very effective against special enemy groups, so it makes sense to always have them all equipped.

Also benchmarks can be collected like in other games. Here you get them for example for successful wall runs, enemies wrapped in the net or hits by net grips.

Everything at a glance

Have you forgotten something or don’t you know what it’s all about? No problem. In the menu you get all the important information you need. There you’ll find all the current quests you can complete. No matter if main or side quest.

You can also find a map of the Big Apple there. There are many important markers on it, such as active quests, locations for collectibles, famous locations or even places where a crime has just started.

But you also have a detailed legend on these points. So if there’s a point that’s unclear, just check it out.

But the map is not that big from the beginning. While you are playing Marvel’s Spider-Man, you have to unlock towers, similar to The Legend Of Zelda – Breath Of The Wild. Through these towers you will get more and more districts and have a better overview. They also serve as fast travel points.

Next to the map you’ll find your Movelist in the menu. Here you can see the keyboard combos Spidey needs to add cool moves to fights, like silent or normal take-downs. But also normal attacks will be explained there.

Should the characters in the game become too much for you, then you can easily inform yourself about them. In the menu you will find a list of all characters you have already met in the game. Each character has a profile and a biography, so you can read all the important information about that person.

In addition to all the information you get in the menu, it is also useful in another way for you. There you can also acquire your skills. In the game you get experience points by completing missions or quests. You can then exchange them for skills.

There are three skill trees that you can unlock. In the Innovator tree, you can learn your attacks such as Take-Downs. However, you can also learn skills that take weapons out of the hands of your opponents.

The defender tree gives you the ability to throw enemies through the air. Better dodging can also be learned here. The third and last tree is called Net Swinger. Here you can learn cool air tricks and improve your swing speed.

If you run out of breath in battle, you can easily replenish your life. With a focus bar you can create your own life or perform cool finisher moves. However, you can only make the moves when the focus bar is full. But you can always fill your life with them. During the fight it recharges itself after every successful hit. The focus bar will become longer as the game progresses.

New York from above

Probably the best thing about Marvel’s Spider-Man is that you can swing completely free through New York City. You can climb the highest skyscrapers and explore every corner. So you can quickly get from one place to another and try some cool tricks. Because the swinging around is so nice, I hardly used the fast travel points in the game. It’s much more fun to swing through the city and discover new things again and again.


With Marvel’s Spider-Man there is finally a cool superhero game again, which corresponds to the time.

It’s just so much fun to swing through the city and give the bad guys a kick. The upgrade menu is very versatile and you have plenty of opportunities to learn skills and make helpful devices.

I also haven’t had a game for a long time where I was so carried away by the story. Even if it was predictable at some corners. It still had some twists you didn’t expect. Due to Peter’s charm and humor it never gets boring in the game, because he always has a saying in store. I would recommend Marvel’s Spider-Man to anyone who has a heart for superheroes. It’s just a great game!

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