Days Gone – Run Boy Run

At the EGX Berlin 2018 Sony IE offered for the first time the opportunity to play the exclusive zombie biker adventure Days Gone. I was able to beat myself through two missions and tell you my first impression here.

Two years after the outbreak of a terrible pandemic that destroyed our known civilization, Deacon is one of the last people not to be infected.

Much of humanity has become so-called freakers. Zombie-like, mutated humans whose hunger for human flesh is insatiable and who, above all, can run pretty fast. In addition, there are various groups on earth with their own motivations and rivalries. One of them, the Rippers, psychopathic cultists, we meet in the first mission we could play.

Freaky Horror Picture Show

Already in this short mission Days Gone makes it clear that it is aimed at an adult audience and not for the faint of heart. In addition to normal freakers, whom we pester with baseball bats and shotguns in a classic third-person action manner, we also meet mutated children whose childlike cries go to their marrow and legs. Shortly afterwards, we meet the mentioned Rippers, who are about to burn our colleague Boozer’s arm with a Bunsen burner. All this was already very explicit, but we were told that in the finished version it should also be possible to separate body parts (at least from freakers) in fights. It remains to be hoped that Days Gone will provide enough context for the freakers and psychopaths in the world and that the explicit presentation will not degenerate into a meaningless freak show and gore orgy.

The Horde runs

While the first mission was still quiet and stealthy, the second mission was literally releasing the Horde. Packed with big hums, big caliber ammunition and two hands full of Molotov cocktails we suddenly stood in front of an assembly. Inside it was a gigantic horde of freakers. Our task? According to the developer, they defeated about 350 bloodthirsty monsters. Every single one of them. While the whole thing is unfortunately less complex and consisted of running away, throwing grenades backwards and shooting down exploding barrels, the atmosphere in this mission is something very special. Such gigantic hordes were known from games like Dynasty Warriors and the younger offshoots of the Dead Rising series. While they’re more like cannon fodder in these titles, in Days Gone they really seem like a superior force that rolls unstoppably and brutally at the player and immediately overwhelms him should it reach him.

Many more question marks

All this is underlined by the magnificent graphics of the title. The world is full of details and is supposed to offer dynamic weather as well as a day-night cycle. Technically Days Gone wasn’t quite up to date yet and had problems with the frame rate again and again, but of course this can still change until the release.

Then Days Gone will also have a huge Open World with a 50 hour main quest, a deep crafting system and lots of side tasks, factions and more. This should then again be able to be travelled with our own, upgradeable motorcycle. Freaks should also get their own needs like food, drink and sleep and we will also have to take care of gasoline and ammunition regularly. Unfortunately we couldn’t see all this in the demo we played. After the solid impression of the demo we are still curious.

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